Meet Amber

Hey! My name is Amber, and I am currently a first year Physician Assistant student, and thanks for visiting my blog! My blog is a reflection of my personal journey through PA school and into my career my as a PA. On here, you will found various posts that will include some tips for pre-PA students, my overall experience in PA school including study tips and how I deal with stress. I hope you enjoy following me on my journey! Feel free to comment on any posts or contact me for further questions.

Some fun facts about me:

My guilty pleasure is HGTV. I plan to also go into real estate, specifically flip houses, after I get out of PA school, and I have gotten a lot of design ideas from watching the shows. My favorite show is "Fixer Upper."

I'm obsessed with candles and flowers!! If you ever want to make my day, just surprise me with either one of those or both.

I love working out. Aside from the results, I love how I feel after a good workout.

I love sports!!! I played basketball for 15 years and I also played softball, soccer and ran track briefly. 

I love makeup!! I can watch YouTube videos for hours about makeup ideas.

I have some of the best girlfriends EVER!!! They are all a beautiful group of successful young women and without them I would be a mess.

God and my family are my rock! 


  1. Dang it sounds like you would have been a good addition to the weekly hoop session with the class of 2018 , but you probably gave up the hoop life once you came to Savannah lol

    1. Lol - I play from time to time. Too bad you didn't know. I would have definitely schooled you guys lol


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