Welcome Back!

Welcome back!

Hey guys, so I know it has been a minute since I have posted on here…almost a year! Well, life aka PA school took over, and I had to prioritize my grades versus blogging, and of course, I chose my grades. A lot has happened over the past year. I recently graduated from PA school, took and passed the PANCE, offered my dream job (which I will touch on a future blog post), and moved back to Atlanta. I start work next Monday (cheers to my first REAL paycheck in almost 3 years)! Though, I am excited and elated to start work, but of course, those first day jitters are there. I am so blessed to be in the position that I am and thoroughly humbled to finally live in my purpose.

I am so excited to start blogging again and reconnect with all of you guys. Thank you, guys, for being patient with me (because I know I have been saying for MONTHS that I would post), and all the support over the past 27 months. To those who has reached out to me via Instagram and e-mail, continue to bombard me with your questions! I have a lot planned for the remainder of the year, which I am excited to share with you guys, and I am thrilled to share my experiences during PA school and post-PA school. To those that are applying to PA school, medical school, nursing school, etc. or those that are currently in the process, DO NOT give up and continue to chase your dreams!

Love xoxo
Amber 💓

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