White Coat Dreams: It's More Than Just A Hashtag

What is “White Coat Dreams?”

What started out as a hashtag #WhiteCoatDreams I used during my junior year during undergrad has now transpired into a blog/brand that inspires others to achieve their dreams in the medical field and in their careers. Did I think that this “hashtag” that I used to frequently motivate myself through college had inspirational potential? – UH NO…but it did, and I am humbled by those that are inspired through my journey to becoming a Physician Assistant. Every day, I get questions from those who are aspiring to be in my shoes, and I’m consistently asked about the inspiration behind “White Coat Dreams.” Although the answer seems simple, its transformation has been complex! This journey has NOT been easy, but if it was easy, anyone could do it. 

Since starting my blog 8 months ago, I have grown so much as a person, and while discovering who I am and transforming into the woman I aspire to be. I never understood the meaning behind “you cannot change your situation and not change who you are” until now. I was that woman that would gossip about others and put them down; who took entertainment in being petty and shady…that was me. I thought I had it all together, but I didn’t. I thought I could do no wrong, yet daily I would wrong others. I did not realize that I was holding onto a lot of insecurities within myself, which was playing a role in how I was acting. Since putting myself out there and opening up to others about my struggles, I have learned that I was this insecure, petty person, and I did not want to be this person anymore. How could I inspire young women to achieve their goals when I was talking negatively about others? How could I save lives when I had these petty ways about myself? … I couldn’t do both. I had to change. I WANTED to change…so I did. 

#WhiteCoatDreams is more than just a way to share my journey with others and to inspire others; it is a way for me to open up to you guys, which in turn helps me heal some of my insecurities and wounds. Thank you, guys, for being an ear to listen and giving me a platform to be vulnerable without being judged. I have not felt safe in being who I am until now…thank you for giving that to me. 

Since starting this, I have met some of the most amazing people in the medical community, and because of them, I AM a better person. I never knew I could get so much support from complete strangers. You guys have been amazing, and this would not be possible without you guys. When I see others' success, I am so happy and motivated that I know some of the most amazing people, and they are going out and getting it! 


When people think of the “white coat,” they think of the pinnacle position in the medical field, but why does the “white coat” only apply to the medical field? Can it not apply to those that are seeking that CEO position, their CPA license, becoming a lawyer, etc.? Why limit something that is so symbolic to life in general!? Isn't the white coat about rescue and saving lives!?  Why can't it translate for everyone who is vulnerable, sharing testimonies pushing the limits of success!? I want “White Coat Dreams” to inspire everyone whether you are in the medical field or not. I want it to symbolize the pinnacle that we as women achieve in our careers. From here on out, when you think of a “white coat,” I want you to apply it to your life. What are you willing to do to get that “white coat?”

In 2018, let’s start a new movement of inspiring and uplifting women. Let’s help each other out. Let’s stop this “mean girl” epidemic. Let’s set a better example for the younger generation. Let’s show young girls that it’s okay to help another woman that is aspiring to do the same thing as you. Helping someone else does not make you weak nor weaken your strengths. What GOD has in store for your life is for YOU and YOU only; nobody can take that away. In 2018, let’s be the better version of ourselves. Let’s be the change that WE want to see in the world.

--Amber xoxo

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