Quarter 3 Update

Hello everyone! As most of you guys know, I am currently in my 3rd quarter of PA school (which I am still having a hard time coming to terms with that), and as I am about to enter week 8, I thought I should give you guys an update thus far.

This quarter we are taking 19 credits with a total of 4 classes, ALE and small group. This quarter has been pretty laid back compared to quarter 1 and 2, and I have had a lot more spare time to do things that I did not have the pleasure of engaging in previously such as watching TV 😊

We are taking Behavioral Medicine, Musculoskeletal Care, Clinical Procedures and Clinical Medicine, along with our weekly small group meetings and Applied Learning Experience (ALE), which we only go to once a quarter. Though the workload is far less demanding, I do not like the content as much compared to the previous 2 quarters.

Behavioral Medicine – in this class, we cover the most common psychiatric illness and how to treat them. I took Abnormal Psychology in undergrad, and I was not too fond of the class then, so I knew I would not really like this class. Surprisingly, it is not bad BUT I still don’t think I will work in psychiatry. Knowing the diseases are very important as I plan on working in the Emergency Room, and a lot of the patients may present with these ailments, so it is imperative to know how they present and how to treat them.

Musculoskeletal Care – A lot of the information is memorization and mundane, but our professor is very entertaining and funny, which makes up for it!! At one point, I thought I wanted to be an orthopaedic surgeon, but after taking this class, I am rethinking Orthopaedics all together. LOL

Clinical Procedures – This is my favorite class because this is where we learn how to place IVs, venipuncture, NG tubes, etc., which I love!!! We have lecture every Tuesday morning at 10AM for an hour, and then we have the lab portion Friday’s. The lab portion is self-paced, so we have to watch videos on how to do the procedures prior to coming to lab, and then we have to perform the procedure in lab and get checked off on it. So far, we have learned venipuncture, shave, punch and snip biopsies, I&D, NG tube, how to place catheters, EKGs, injections, and this week we are placing IV’s, which I am super excited about!!! 😊

Clinical Medicine – So far, it hasn’t been too bad compared to last quarter. I definitely do not like the material as much compared to last quarter. This quarter we are covering GI, Oncology, Nephrology, Endocrinology, Hyperlipidemia, Rheumatology, Diabetes, and HIV. It has been a lot harder for me to focus on studying the material thus far as I do not have an interest in the majority of it but I know how important it is for me to be an astute provider, so I am trying to stay as motivated as possible.

Even though I have not been as busy with my classes as I usually am, there has been a lot of outside activities that I have participated in.

On August 5, my class participated in the “Ready, Set, Go, Fair,” which is an annual back to school event that the county puts on. At the fair, there are health checks such as dental, blood pressure and blood glucose. Our class was responsible for making posters about common health problems and presenting the posters as well as taking blood pressure. I was so happy that we had the opportunity to participate in this because this is some of the participants only opportunity to be screened for high blood pressure and diabetes. It also showed me how much I have learned over the past 8 months, and I was so surprised about all the stuff that I DID know. Ultimately, it was a good way to give back to the community, which I am an advocate for, and I wish more cities did this.

We've also had grand rounds twice this quarter, which we did not have the previous 2 quarters. Grand rounds is when we go the local hospital here, and we listen to a guest speaker talk about new research in medicine, and how it is going to affect medicine in the future. It has been very interesting as it is another way to test my knowledge thus far in PA school, and see how far I have come since day 1. 

I have also been helping the Anesthesiologist Assistant students by being a patient-actor for their Simulated Patient events. This has been very beneficial to me as I can point out bad habits with physical exam techniques and interviewing skills, and know what I will and will not incorporate when I am seeing patients.

Quarter 3 so far has been a breeze and I cannot believe in 3 weeks it will be over, and I will have 2 quarters left for didactic year!!!!! I am sooooooo happy that PA school has flown by!! And I cannot wait to see what the future holds for the remainder of it 😊

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