"Strong Woman, White Coat, Black Skin" -- Who Are They?

A few weeks ago, I came across one of my followers on Instagram wearing a shirt that said, "Strong Woman, White Coat, Black Skin," and I immediately became intrigued by the shirt, and knew I wanted to have one!! Fortunately for me, the designers of the shirt was tagged in the picture, so it made finding their Instagram fairly easy. 

As I was on their Instagram (@swwcbs), I was so impressed about the message they were portraying, which was celebrating minority women in health care, whom are often times underappreciated and undervalued in the medical field. I, too, could relate as there has been times where I felt like I did not belong and felt alienated. I knew that I not only wanted to buy a shirt, but I wanted others to know about them and the message they were spreading. Last week, I reached out to them about doing an interview, which they agreed!! Read below to see the interview between them and me!

How long has your clothing brand been around, and how was it originally started?
The clothing brand has been around for about 4 months. It was created following a viral video we had created using #egochallenge which was going around on instagram.

What is the inspiration behind your clothing brand?
The inspiration for the clothing brand was to give a face to a major problem in today's society. Women, especially those who are minorities, are constantly undervalued, even when they are achieving new heights and successful. With the clothing brand, we wanted to give women a shirt that does the talking for them.

What message do you hope to portray to those who follow and support your brand?
Follow your dreams and prove the world wrong. Too many times people assume the lowest for us as women. It's time to not only achieve big. but to let the world and other women know that the sky is not the limit. Women are fully capable and able to not only become successful medical professionals, but to also run hospitals,own businesses, and so much more.

What has been some of the biggest challenges you have experienced since starting your clothing brand?
Advertising and getting our name out has been one of the biggest challenges we have experienced since starting our clothing brand. We do not have a very big platform because we jumped into creating the brand and sharing it with the world before Black History month ended. We wanted to do this in order to keep black history alive though the month had ended. We created a website (strongwomanwhitecoat.com) and an instagram (@swwcbs) where we post about new clothing and also try to shed some light on successful black women who are showing the world the power of melanin. 

What advice do you give minorities that are in the medical field or pursuing a career in medicine?

NetworkNetworkNetwork! Get to know people in the field you are pursuing and make friends. It is also good to know someone who has gone down the path that you are heading down and get advice from them. Especially someone from your background who is like you because they will have a little more insight into the process and what all you can expect as a minority in medicine.

What are some of the challenges that you feel minorities face in the medical field?

The biggest challenge minorities face is acceptance without complete conformance. Sometimes, being a part of the minority, you sometimes feel the need to change yourself and conform to the norms of the majority, regardless of it they line up with your own beliefs. However, it is important to remain true to yourself and find a nice middle ground. Just because people don't look or act like you doesn't mean you cannot get along peacefully and work well together. Just remember to be cognitive of your differences and embrace the beauty in diversity. Be respectful of all people and cultures you come across.

Remember to go to www.strongwomanwhitecoat.com to buy a shirt and to follow them on Instagram (@swwcbs)

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