How To Study Anatomy and Physiology in PA School

Hi everyone! Quarter 2 is over, and I'm currently back home in Atlanta enjoying the time off with my family and friends. I am so happy to take a break from school (even though it is for a week) to relax, catch up with some sleep, and have some much needed me time.


Quarter 2 Is One for the Books!

Quarter 2 officially ended yesterday, and I am so relieved! There were so many changes this quarter compared to the last and making those adjustments at times seemed very cumbersome, but in the end, I prevailed, and I am happy that the quarter is over and I can finally enjoy some much needed time away from school!


How to Stay Bikini Ready Year Round

Hi everyone! I know it has been awhile since I posted, but quarter 2 has been super crazy! But, I all I have left are finals & I will be free for a week !!!

As many of you guys know, my two favorite places to be at are in the gym and at the pool/beach. Because of this, I'm beach ready pretty much year-round. Summer is in full-effect, and many of you guys have inquired how I achieve this beach ready body.


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