Organizational Tips While in PA School

Hi everyone! Week 6 is finally over, and it is hard to believe that this quarter is almost over, and after this quarter, I will be halfway done with didactic year! One thing that I have had a lot of questions about is how I stay organized, while in PA school.

One thing that helps me a lot is writing a daily to-do list. I write this down in my agenda daily, and I mark off everything as I complete each assignment. I have been doing this since undergrad, and this by far has been the most efficient way to keep me on track. I usually write down 5 main things to focus on for that day and the assigned tasks comes from each class. By doing it this way, I study a little bit from each class on a daily basis, and I don't fall behind. I also put sticky notes on my laptop reminding me of assignments I need to complete and their deadlines. I know there are apps that you can download on your phone that you can create a to-do list with, but I'm super old school, and I find it easier for me to keep track with things this way. There is so much going on throughout the week with the different assignments and exams, and it is easy to forget to complete something.

Another organizational tool that I utilize is planning each hour of my day. One of my professors in undergrad recommended this in my sophomore year, and I have been doing this ever since. I used to have horrible time management skills, and this has improved tremendously since doing this. I have told other people about this as well, and they have all said they have seen a huge improvement in their time management. Initially, I created a calendar via Excel, but since starting PA school, I have been using Teamup. It is a free online calendar, and this is so much more convenient than using Excel! I was introduced to Teamup during orientation for PA school as we are given our weekly schedule via the website, and I thought it was so much more efficient and convenient than what I was previously using. I plan every hour of the day, and I designate set study times and what I am going to complete during that time, whether it is me having personal time, studying, cooking, etc. Since using Teamup, I have seen so much improvement in my time management! I get distracted easily, and this helps keep me on track and guides me throughout the day. 

Those are the two main tools that work the best for me. I know everyone is different and have their own methods on how they stay organized. How do you guys stay organized? Comment below and let me know!

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