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Hi everyone! The application cycle is in full throttle, and pretty soon, a lot of you guys will be going on interviews. I know the process can be very intimidating and scary, but do not try to freak out! This time is a very exciting time, and I know you guys have worked hard to get here.

1. Stay calm. I know this seems impossible, but it does more harm than good to be a ball of nerves during your interview. The admissions staff know you are nervous (I mean, who wouldn't be), but you cannot let your nervous affect your interview. Take a deep breath. You have worked hard to get to this moment, and you deserve it!

2. Research the school prior to the interview. Look up the school's mission statement, previous matriculation rate and PANCE scores, and try to find ways to integrate this into your interview. The admission staff will be impressed that you took the extra effort to really get to know their school, and this will give you extra points during your interview.

3. Ask questions. One of my mentors told me to find ways to talk about the interviewers. Everyone loves to talk about themselves, and this is true. Try to find out their personal interests, and ask them why they wanted to become a PA and why they went into their respective specialty. This allows them to get to know you better in the process.

4. Arrive early. I know this is common sense, however, there were people during my interview who were late. I suggest arriving at least 30 minutes early. You don't want to arrive too early though because it might be awkward for the interviewer.

5. Dress professionally. Again, I know this sounds like common sense, but there were applicants when I interviewed who wore risque attire. Business formal is preferred. For women, wear little to no makeup, with your hair tied, minimal jewelry, and do not overdue it on the perfume. For men, do not overdue it with the cologne as well.

6. Practice. Prior to my interview, I researched the most common PA interview questions, and I practiced answering them with my family and friends. Even though, those may not be your exact questions during your interview, it was very helpful to know the type of questions that are commonly asked, and this helped calm some of my nerves the day of the interview.

I hope this helped those that have questions about the interview process. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to ask.

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