Interview Tips

Hi everyone! The application cycle is in full throttle, and pretty soon, a lot of you guys will be going on interviews. I know the process can be very intimidating and scary, but do not try to freak out! This time is a very exciting time, and I know you guys have worked hard to get here.


Organizational Tips While in PA School

Hi everyone! Week 6 is finally over, and it is hard to believe that this quarter is almost over, and after this quarter, I will be halfway done with didactic year! One thing that I have had a lot of questions about is how I stay organized, while in PA school.


Quarter 2 Week 5 Update

Hi guys! Week 5 of my 2nd quarter of PA schools has finally ended, and I cannot believe I am almost halfway through my 2nd quarter of PA school (time really does fly!) I can say this has honestly been the toughest week of PA school thus far.
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