Why PA?

As a little girl, I admit, I did not want to work in health care. I started playing basketball at the age of 3 until I was a senior in high school. My dream was to play college basketball and become a point guard in the WNBA.
However, I am only 5'5, which is considered "small" for collegiate and professional level, and my junior year of high school I unfortunately tore my ACL, which made my dreams of becoming a professional basketball player bleak. When I was high school, I developed an interest in physical therapy, and I was stellar in all my science classes, so I thought if my basketball dream did not work out I could become a physical therapist.

While I was rehabbing my knee, I was able to see the different roles as a physical therapist and an orthopedic surgeon. At that moment, I no longer wanted to become a physical therapist and wanted to pursue a career as an orthopedic surgeon. I started undergrad at Georgia State University, and I majored in biology and minored in chemistry. While I was in school, I admit, I did not take it seriously my first few years and was partying, but once I reached my junior year, I became a serious student. That year I started working as a scribe in the ER, which I loved! I was able to see the hospital flow firsthand, and slowly but surely I started to fall in love with the ER. I am an adrenaline junking and I thrive in fast pace environments. Prior to working in the ER, I did not know what a physician assistant was, and when I started working in the ER, I soon found out what their role was. I was fascinated that they were able to see their own patients and switch specialties without any additional training. I was also turned on to the fact that they only had to attend graduate school for 2 additional years! Despite knowing all of the perks of a physician assistant, I still pursued the medical school route (this was also due to the fact that I am hardheaded and was not taking advice from others, lol).

After graduation, I still continued working in the ER, while studying for the MCAT. I ended up taking the MCAT 3 times, and on my third attempt, I was able to get a decent score, which would have ensured me admission into some body's medical school. However, when I went to apply for schools, something did not feel right. I was anxious about my decision, and I thought I was making a mistake. I knew I wanted to work in medicine, however, I did not think I wanted to go to medical school. I prayed about it and came to the conclusion that medical school was not for me. It was at that moment I knew becoming a physician assistant was more beneficial for me and conducive of what I envisioned for me life. I enrolled back into Georgia State University to take some of the prerequisites that I needed for PA school.

I applied to last application cycle. I had several interviews, however, I only went to 1, which I got in to!!! I started school this past January, and I just started my second quarter 2 weeks ago.

Do I regret my decision for forgoing medical school for PA school? - NOPE!! I live by the philosophy of "what's for me, will always be for me." I could not be anymore happier, and I know that I made the best decision for me!

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