What I'm Leaving Behind in 2017

As 2017 comes to an end (which I'm trying to wrap my mind around how and where this year went), there are some things that I cannot bring into 2018 or for the years to come. I know everyone is on this "New Year, New Me" kick, which is okay, but instead of making these changes for one year only, I am making lifetime changes that are going to follow me for the years to come.

Being a follower. Though I don’t consider myself a follower AT ALL; however, there has been instances where I sided with the masses even when I did not agree with them. No more being mute and not speaking up for what is right and wrong. It might not be the “popular” choice, but I cannot be a leader without speaking up for what I believe in. Sometimes, it takes that one person speaking up, to help someone.

One-sided relationships. This can be friendships or romantic relationships. A friend is someone you can depend on. Someone who you can uplift you and genuinely wants you to win. No more one-sided friendships. You will see who your friends really are after you have a disagreement with them and how they treat you afterwards. If their actions falter, that was not your friend to begin with. You can tell if someone is a true friend or not in how they treat their other friends. If they are constantly gossiping about them and telling their business, that’s not a real friend.

Doubting myself. I have not always been the most confident person. I never thought I was pretty enough, smart enough, funny enough, etc. Until recently, I have gained the confidence to believe that I AM GOOD ENOUGH. I CAN do it. These negative thoughts about myself was holding me back from my true potential, and I thank GOD that I have been able to overcome a lot of it.

Not following my dreams. I was SUPER hesitant about starting my blog. I did not think anyone would read it, that I had anything meaningful to talk about, etc. but I did it anyways, and I am amazed everyday about the success that I have achieved. Now, I am expanding that blog into a brand! I also thought about starting a YouTube channel as well, but this was not done because I had a friend tell me that “I would have nothing to talk about” and laughed about the idea. Well, that YouTube was not started, and I regret not starting it. If I would have listened to people about starting my blog, I would not be where I am today. For now on, every dream that I want to do, I’m going to do it, despite the critics.

What are you guys leaving behind in 2017? Comment below!

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