Quarter 2 Week 5 Update

Hi guys! Week 5 of my 2nd quarter of PA schools has finally ended, and I cannot believe I am almost halfway through my 2nd quarter of PA school (time really does fly!) I can say this has honestly been the toughest week of PA school thus far.

This week we had 3 exams, one of which was a midterm. We had an exam on Monday in our Physical Assessment class over the Musculoskeletal system; another one on Thursday in Clinical Medicine, which covered Immunology, Antibiotics, and Dermatology, and an Anatomy & Physiology lab midterm on Friday. I can say I am glad that this week is over!

I am so proud of my classmates and me! We pushed through and could get through this week, and we only 4 more weeks until finals and then we can finally go on break! (thank God!) Throughout the week, there was times where I wanted to give up and was saying "I can't do this (especially when I was studying for my Clin Med exam)," but I had to remind myself, I wouldn't be here if the faculty and staff did not think that I can become a PA. For those that are in PA school right now or about to begin, YOU CAN DO IT! I am a firm believer of speaking things into existence, and what you put in the universe will come back to you, whether is positive or negative. So, for those hard weeks when you are staying up to 2AM studying for an 8AM exam the next day, remember YOU CAN DO IT. The sacrifices that we are making right now is minute compared to the rewards that we will have in the end, so when you are at your lowest point and thinking about quitting, remember why you started in the first place. I applaud anyone that is going through this process because it is NOT easy at all. Keep pushing through! You will get there!

For those that are applying to PA schools right now and dealing with CAPSA, you can do it, and you will get into PA school. Never doubt your abilities, and never let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do. Good luck to everyone & if you have any advice or questions do not hesitate to contact me! As busy as I am, I am always open to answering any questions.

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