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Hi everyone! CASPA opens in 12 days, and I know everyone is running around trying to make sure that their application is ready for April 27th. I know this feeling oh-so well, and I do not envy you guys! Here are some helpful tips to make sure that your application is competitive.

  • Make sure you apply as early as possible! Most school's deadlines are not until September or October. However, a lot of schools have their seats filled by then. Rolling admissions schools do not wait at the end of the application cycle to determine who they want; they decide immediately after the interview who they want. So even though you might get an interview at the end of the application cycle, you might be interviewing for a wait list seat.
  • Make a list of your top schools and organize them by their current student demographics (GPA, GRE, HCE, etc), start date, application deadline, if they require a supplemental application and its cost, and their tuition. By doing this, it will keep you organized, and it will prioritize which schools you need to focus on.
  • DO NOT RUSH!!! I know this is counter-intuitive to what I said earlier, but once your application is verified, you cannot make any changes to it. It is better to submit a quality application versus something that is obviously rushed.
  • Once CASPA is open, make a checklist of everything that you have submitted, the date it was submitted, and when it is verified, cross it off your list. I know people who have submitted there information on CASPA and weeks went by and their stuff was not verified, and once they realized it, it was almost the school's application deadline. So make sure you check your CASPA account religiously!!
  • Make sure you have the minimum GPA and GRE for the schools you are applying to. Of course, you want to have more than the minimum, but if your GPA is less than the minimum, it is a waste of your time and money to apply to that school. I'm not saying not to apply, but I would not focus my time nor money on a school that you might not even get an interview to.
  • Get as much HCE as you can!! Though GPA and GRE are both important, a lot of schools weigh your HCE as much if not more than your GPA and GRE. HCE is invaluable, and coming from someone who worked in the ER for 5 years, I feel like my experience has helped me tremendously, especially in my clinical classes. Admissions staff want to see applicants that are well-rounded and who has had life experience, not only good grades and GRE scores.
  • Get quality letters of recommendations. If you do not feel like someone would give you a quality recommendation, do not ask them. You want your application to be as competitive as possible, and you do not want somebody to write you a recommendation that does not show how great you are.
  • Be prepared to explain weak areas on your application if given an interview, whether it is your GPA, GRE, HCE, etc. Admissions staff understand that life happens and nobody is perfect.
  • Make sure your personal statement is well written and authentic. Your personal statement should mesmerize the admission staff, and they should be able to see your passion through your statement. If you are having problems writing your personal statement, here is a link that has several examples of "good" and "bad" personal statements. The PA Life
  • DO NOT STRESS OUT! I know this is hard, but it does no good to stress out, trust me I was in your shoes a year ago. If you have everything prepared ahead of time, then you have nothing to worry about. This is an exciting time of your life, and you should be celebrating that you are finally breaking into this great profession!

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